Nick Rodriguez worked as a navigator for Northstar Airways, under Madelyne Pryor. His plane was struck down by unusual atmospherics which heralded the creation of a magickal fountain, the Fire Fountain. The crew and their passengers, an environmental survey group, were all transformed into superhuman beings.

When Alpha Flight and the X-Men came to investigate, Pathfinder worked with Wolverine and Beastmaster to find the missing Alphan, Snowbird. However, Pathfinder and Beastmaster intended to kill Snowbird, putting her out of her misery as the FireFountain was poisonous to her and she would only suffer more. Beastmaster used his powers to control Wolverine, sending him away. When Wolverine returned (cured by Anodyne) he vowed to defend Snowbird to the death. In the battle for Snowbird's life, Logan had no choice but to kill Pathfinder.


Pathfinder possesses the ability to track anything and find any "path." As well, he was physically far superior to normal humans.

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