Flubber enrolled as a student at the Xavier Institute under the tutelage of Gambit. He became the slight jokester member of the team, but remained loyal to the other kids who became his friends, even joining Onyxx and Rain Boy in a possible coup against their mentor, Gambit. The potential coup occurred during a camping trip after they felt he might have been taking advantage of the affections of fellow teammate Foxx, but they were soon put in their place. Later, when Foxx turned out to be the villain Mystique in one of her guises, Flubber tried to restrain and calm Onyxx, who refused to believe that Foxx wasn’t a real girl that he had a big crush on.[2]

Flubber has not been seen since M-Day, and presumably lost his powers during the Decimation. He may have been one of the dozens of unnamed depowered students who died during the rocket attack on the bus by William Stryker and his Purifiers.[3]



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Superhumanly strong

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