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Nico grew up a Captain America fan, after hearing stories from his grandfather, Lukasz Kovaczsik, who himself fought the Nazis in World War II.[1]

Inspired by his idealistic grandfather, an adult Nico became a founding member of the Flag Smashers, a group brought together by people who wanted to restore the world back to the way it was during the five-year period after the Blip: united and without borders.[2] In order to have enough power to fight the systems they wished to topple, the Flag Smashers stole 20 vials of a newly perfected Super-Soldier Serum from the Power Broker in Madripoor.[3] Nico and the seven other Flag Smashers took it and received superhuman strength, without their physical appearances changing like the original Captain America.

Nico then allowed their leader Karli Morgenthau to hide the remaining vials in his grandfather's grave in Latvia.[1] He also helped keep their identities concealed for as long as he could via hacking.

Eventually, the Flag Smashers came head-to-head with the Global Repatriation Council, who were trying to undo all their efforts, and their agent John Walker, who had been chosen by the US government to be the new Captain America.[2] Captain America and his partner Battlestar tracked the Flag Smashers to their headquarters in Latvia, where the Flag Smashers attempted to lure him in to kill him. Karli unintentionally killed Battlestar instead, which sent the new Captain America into a fit of rage. The Flag Smashers fled, but Captain America caught up to Nico, then beat him to death with his shield out on the street.[1]




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