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Despite being unable to walk due to an accident,[2] Wolinski was very agile with his wheelchair, and because of both his mental and physical skills, Mr. Mack began to train him.[3]

Wolinski always carried his cat, Nine-Tails, that frequently helped him whenever Wheels was in trouble. One day, after a fight in which the bullies were severely injured by Nine-Tails, Mr. Mack gathered all his pupils and formed the Wolfpack to battle The Nine and their forces in the South Bronx neighborhood in Bronx, New York City.[3]

None of the members had experience in team work, but after the death of Mr. Mack and the imprisonment of Samuel Weltschmerz, one of their teammates and Mr. Mack's oldest student, they got together and won their first victory against the Nine.[3]

Some years later, Wolinski left the Wolfpack and met Hawkeye, but the encounter ended badly, with Wolinski's wheelchair getting blown up.[1] Somehow, Hawkeye made him a favor, so when a van Clint found broke down, he called Wolinski to return the favor.[4]

Secret Empire

After Steve Rogers revealed himself to be a Hydra sleeper agent and overthrew the United States of America to establish a Hydra Empire, Wheels joined the Underground.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Wolinski is a tremendous mechanic,[4] as well as a great planner.[3]


Paraplegic: Wolinski is unable to walk and thus he needs a wheelchair to move.[3]



Wheelchair: Wolinski's wheelchair is his main transportation, but also has plenty of things to help him get out of various situations.



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