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Nicodemus plotted to gain power by stealing the magical abilities of other sorcerers and sorceresses until he had the power to overwhelm Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme himself. He first set his sights on Clea, waiting for a time when he could catch her unaware. He approached her in the guise of a common mugger in Central Park one day and Clea used a minor spell to dispatch him. No longer considering him a menace, Clea turned away from her attacker, giving him the chance to use his own magical abilities to knock her out. He took her to a machine which he used to transfer her powers to him, making him that much more powerful.

Believing Clea to no longer be a threat to him, he untied her. He was about to assault Clea when she was able to knock him out with a blow to the head. She telephoned Doctor Strange and explained what had happened. Presumably he came to Clea's aid and reversed the Nicodemus' spell.[1]



Some magical skills and abilities which are amplified when he steals the powers of other sorcerers.



Knife and handgun

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