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Nicodemus West was employed as an emergency room surgeon on a night when he made an ill-judged call on the time of death of a patient. Dr. Stephen Strange intervened at the behest of Dr. Christine Palmer, and carried out a successful operation to remove a bullet from the patient's brain, leaving West to look the fool having already pronounced death on the now-recovering gunshot victim.

Dr. Strange disappeared from Dr. West's life following a car accident in which Strange lost the fine motor control in his hands, but surprisingly returned to the hospital a long time after with an unconscious and critically injured woman. Strange looked about to put his old surgical skills to the test when he withdrew and requested Dr. West step in. West and the rest of the medical team were unable to save the woman, however. Her body had simply endured too much damage to sustain life.[1]

He was among the many killed by Thanos. When he came back, he found out his brother had died.[2]


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