Quote1 Ross...All you had to do is keep your eye on one chief of state who likes to pull on a kitty cat mask and leap out of windows. Quote2
-- Nicole Adams src

Early Life

Nicole "Nikki" Adams was romantically involved with T'Challa the prince of Wakanda. The two met while he was studying in the United States of America.[2] Another student Kamal Rakim was angered T'Challa was dating a white and attacked the two. T'Challa was forced to defend himself and Nicole and easily took down Kamal and his gang. It was after that the two broke up, but she still carried romantic attraction to T'Challa years after their break-up.[3]

Everett Ross

She began working for the U.S. State Department were met and began dating Everett K. Ross. She was his superior and Nikki kept secret her past relationship with T'Challa even when he was assigned by Nikki to escort them during their time in the US and act as the Wakandan liaison under T'Challa. He told Nikki about his crazy adventures with the Wakandans[4]


Following a heated and physical fight with Ross for keeping her past relationship with T'Challa a secret,[5] she was killed in the crossfire when Malice was trying to murder Monica Lynne.[6] Ross attempted to use the Resurrection Altar to bring Nikki back to life, but the altar resurrected Nikki as an insane and erratic corpse and Nikki had to be put back to rest.[7]

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