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Nidhogg was a giant dragon that lived in Niffleheim, one of the Nine Worlds of Asgard. Known as the "Eater of the Dead", Nidhogg consumed the souls of those who had fallen in battle. During Balder Odinson's journey to Hel, he encountered Nidhogg and was adversely affected to see what had become of the souls of all those he had vanquished in battle.[3]

When Nidhogg was gnawing on the roots of Yggdrasill, one of the roots snapped and it created a wormhole that pulled Nidhogg into a small town in Midgard called Skrekklandet. Thor arrived soon afterwards and summoned a giant lightning bolt, which killed and buried Nidhogg. The explosion of Thor's strike was witnessed by Captain America, who was on his way there to destroy a Nazi base. In the modern day, Nazis had weaponized the body of Nidhogg and used it to create clones of itself. When the Avengers arrived at Skrekklandet, they battled multiple cloned offspring of Nidhogg, but more kept spawning. The only way to defeat them was to destroy the machine and kill Nidhogg. As Hulk destroyed the machine and killed Nidhogg, it did nothing to retaliate as it was tired of being used as a weapon and wanted to finally die.[4]

Having returned to live after his death during Ragnarok,[5] he was visited at his home in Nastrond of Niffleheim by Lady Sif. Who was surprised to find him alive for last she heard he had died at the roots of Yggdrasill, to which he did not care for her questions and only wanted to know what she brought him to eat. She was searching for the truth behind the story of the Berserker, wanting to become stronger and tired of feeding and scratching Nidhogg threatened to stab him in the eye. After telling her to follow the Fimbulthul past Hvergelmir and there the teacher Aerndis, that when she dies he'll lick her skull clean.[6]

When Queen of Cinders came to claim Hel from its King Balder, she summoned Nidhogg and the rest of the Barons of Hel. Trying to convince them to join her, Sindr killed Lady Allmour and beheaded Blackbone who refused her. Despite this, Nidhogg also refused Sindr and was killed by her blade driven through the top of his head.[7]

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