Nigel Frobisher was an employee of Fraser's Bank in London, working for its vice-president Courtney Ross, whom he felt an attraction towards that was not reciprocated.[1]

Ross was acquainted with Brian Braddock, the superhero known as Captain Britain, and associated with his teammates in the superhero group Excalibur. On several occasions Frobisher came into contact with the team and found himself attracted towards one of them, Rachel Summers, the Phoenix. When Phoenix read Frobisher's mind and realized his sleazy intentions, she relayed the information to Braddock, who threatened to beat Frobisher.[1]

Courtney Ross was murdered by Sat-Yr-9, an evil dictator counterpart from another dimension who was her exact double. Realizing Frobisher's attraction to Ross, Sat-Yr-9 (posing as Ross) used him as her ally as she made use of the resources of Fraser's Bank to begin building a criminal empire.[2] She sent Frobisher to Brighton to contact the alien mercenaries the Technet to seek their aid in freeing Braddock's brother Jamie Braddock from the African mercenary Doctor Crocodile. During his encounter with the Technet, Frobisher was temporarily turned into a combination of a more masculine man and Courtney Ross by the Technet member Joyboy, embarrassing him. When the Technet took the job on, they discovered too late that Jamie was a dangerously insane and powerful mutant, and that Doc Crocodile has altruistic motives in imprisoning him.[3]

Soon afterwards, Sat-Yr-9 had Jamie use his reality-altering powers to transform Frobisher into the female crime boss the Vixen, and the Vixen into a fox, so that Sat-Yr-9 could control Vixen's criminal empire to help her in her plans for domination. Nigel felt humiliated by being emasculated in this way.[4]

Frobisher, now back in his own form, subsequently turned up to a party held at Brian Braddock's home Braddock Manor as Ross' uninvited guest. Braddock was angry that his team's secret identities were compromised by this, but Frobisher informed him he had guessed their identities after their previous encounters. Sat-Yr-9 used the gathering as an opportunity to attack the team, using the Vixen's henchmen and her pawn Jamie Braddock. While Jamie used his powers to torture most of Excalibur and their friends by twisting them into grotesque, misshapen forms, Sat-Yr-9 drugged Brian Braddock and kept him as her sex slave.

Growing increasingly resentful of Sat-Yr-9's attraction to Braddock and use of Braddock as her slave, as well as his own various humiliations, Frobisher confronted Sat-Yr-9 about it. Pretending to soften toward him, Sat-Yr-9 drew Frobisher into an embrace before fatally stabbing him. Frobisher died, killed by the double of the woman towards whom he had, for so long, held an unrequited attraction.[5]

Strength level

Nigel possessed the normal strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in moderate physical exercise.


While he was masquerading as the crime-lord the Vixen, Nigel had all of the resources of her criminal network at his and his boss Sat-Yr9's disposal.

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