Nigel Novotny was hired by Jackie Singapore to impersonate Blaquesmith. He was originally a small town teacher and jumped at the chance to improve his life. He underwent surgery to look like Blaquesmith. Jackie was a very rich and powerful man and he wanted to recruit Cable into his movie to create a cult around him. Cable told him he was not interested, Jackie hoped that Blaquesmith could convince. Nigel was a hedonist and used the money he received from Jackie to live out his dreams.[1]

He sent Cable on a mission to rescue a missing girl, but didn't reveal his reasons for doing so. Afterwards, Cable went to Kashmir, where he was told of a strange man in a town saying only the word "Askani". [2]Cable went to find out and was confronted by a mad general and his troops. The General desired to fly, but was killed by his own men when Cable made his insanity clear to his men. Nigel confessed to Cable he was not really his old mentor. He explained Jackie Singapore's idea to turn Cable into the new messiah through the media. Cable surprisingly enough agreed with the idea. Nigel now humble, asked him if he could teach him as well Cable agreed.[1]

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