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Flag of Nigeria

Flag of Nigeria

Nigeria, officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria,[citation needed] is a country located in western Africa.


12th century[]

As early as the 12th century, the Yoruba people of the Niger River valley (in modern-day Nigeria) started worshiping the Vodū gods (as did the Fon people of Dahomey (in modern-day Benin). The Yorubans knew the Vodū Sky Father Buluku as "Olorun".

Buluku's offspring Lusa and Mahu, and their family, became directly involved in mortal affairs, and descended to the ancient city of Ife,[1] which they founded,[2] the legendary first city of the Yoruba people (in modern-day Osun State). One of the several interdimensional nexuses between Earth and Orun, the dimension of the Vodū, is located near Ife.

Eventually, their twins strayed from Ife and settled in other mortal cities in Western Africa.[1] Shango himself went on to rule the mortal city of Oyo (in modern-days southwestern Nigeria) for a brief time.[2]

The Swamps of Ogun are located in Nigeria. They are a place of terrible power, according to Doctor Voodoo.[3][citation needed][verification needed]

Leila Taylor (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 171

Modern Age[]

20th century[]

Stoneface, after his defeat by Captain America, was sent back to Lagos by Boss Morgan. He later kidnapped a visiting Leila Taylor, but this brought him into conflict with again with the Falcon who was assisted this time by the Black Panther.[4]

Lights (Earth-616) from X-Men Second Coming Vol 1 2 001

21st century[]

In Oyo, Oyo State,[5] or in Delta State, Idie Okonkwo[6] was a fourteen year-old[7] girl living with her family when her mutant powers manifested. She was located by the X-Men using Cerebra.[5] With the advent of her mutant abilities, Idie accidentally burned down her village and killed her family. A paramilitary group that tracked down Idie attempted to murder her, but the arrival of Hope Summers and Storm prevented the troops from harming her.[6]

In Lagos, the Emerald Warlock, Declan Dane, tortured a man named Douglas Sotinwa using his powers. Declan explained that he was doing this because Douglas was an ancestor of someone who was part of a group who back in 600 AD did something to Declan. He has for centuries been hunting down all the lineage of that group. He declared he has killed tens of thousands of people to achieve this. He killed the young man by throwing him into the sky because his dream was to be a pilot.[8]

Swamps of Ogun from Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 7 001

Swamps of Ogun

A Skyspear crashed landed in Buguma.[9]

Doctor Voodoo's ghostly brother, Daniel, summoned him to the Swamps of Ogun to ask for help in returning to life.[3]

Alternate Realities[]

X-Men Cinematic Universe (Earth-10005)[]

Team X (Earth-10005) from X-Men Origins Wolverine (film) 003

Team X in Lagos

William Stryker led Black Ops group called Team X, which consisted of James "Logan" Howlett, Victor Creed, Wade Wilson, Agent Zero, John Wraith, Chris Bradley, and Fred Dukes. One of their mission involved tracking the source of a mysterious meteorite to Lagos. They used their mutant powers to invade a facility and stole nothing but a paper weight. They followed the trail to a village where they threatened a villager as to where the meteorite came from. Disgusted, Logan left.[10]

Shame Itself Universe (Earth-21011)[]

Vision's lack of a spam filter caused him to receive email after email with dubious facts, resulting in him leading the Avengers on wild goose chase after wild goose chase, and eventually leading the Early Bird Avengers on these adventures against dethroned Nigerian princes and obtaining cheap medication.[11]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

Lagos from Captain America Civil War Prelude Infinite Comic Vol 1 1 001

Crossbones was pinpointed by intel to be headed for Lagos, Nigeria.[12] Then at the Institute for Infectious Diseases, Captain America and his fellow Avengers stopped him and his mercenaries. Then, Rumlow fought Captain America, but Rogers had beaten him up. Captain America demanded Rumlow to reveal who he was working for, Rumlow claimed that it was the Winter Soldier who was pulling his strings before arming a bomb applied in his suicide vest, intending to take Captain America with him. Maximoff used her powers to whisk him away from Rogers but unintentionally placed him next to a building with Wakandan nationals. Rumlow is among those who perished in the resulting explosion.[13]


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