The Night Beasts are a nocturnal race of animals that are native of an unknown region of Africa. They have the head of a lion and the body of a gorilla. Violent creatures, they sleep during the day. They often go on relentless hunts after those who imprison them, should they escape.[1]



Their origins are unknown.

One of the Wolf Lords of the Wolf Men of Valusia (Elderspawn from Chthon), Gaueko, was known as "the Night Beast",[2] and might be related to the Night Beasts.

Modern Age

A Night Beast was captured by a criminal named Karl to use against Lorna the Jungle Girl while she and her friend Greg Knight were visiting a city. The plan failed when Greg prevented the creature from attacking Lorna. The creature fleed and later captured Karl. With the help of the authorities, Lorna rescued Karl while trapping the Night Beast at the top of a radio tower, allowing authorities to train their spot lights on the tower putting the creature into an inert state allowing them to capture it.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Night Beasts are nocturnal. Going into an inert state when exposed to bright lights.


Habitat: Jungle
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard


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