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Fu Manchu has kidnapped teenage genius Cameron Seaver to build five "spirit bombs" which, when combined with Fu's magics, will open portals to the Nether Realm, the hell-like dimension where Fu had been imprisoned until recently. The Faces of Fear remain allied with him, and Maggia opposes them. The Gang War rages on: A bomb on a Maggia-frequented restaurant kills one of their leaders. Seaver worked at Roxxon Oil so, when investigation, the heroes discover an oil spill that will affect Long Island, and that has positioned general opinion against Roxxon. They do not know that Seaver's boss, Hiram Jones, is being blackmailed by Fu Manchu to provide technology and, when the heroes start meddling, mercenary supervillains are sent against them. The heroes may discover that the Rulers of the Nether Realm oppose to Fu Manchu's plan and want him stopped and returned to their tortures. Meanwhile, Maggia reacts with violence in Chinatown; but the Faces of Fear play dirty and plant a bomb in Maggia's warehouse. There's also a UFO in Central Park (which is explicitly a red herring), and the Kingpin insists in meeting with the heroes: Kingpin wants to manipulate the heroes for his own ends. The heroes go to the Si Fan secret HQ, either because the Kingpin revealed where it was, or because they convinced Hiram Jones to help them. They rescue Seaver, who reveals that Fu Manchu has five bombs, four of which are in known locations, albeit protected. Seaver gives the heroes a device that will close one single portal, should one of the bombs explode. Fu Manchu has the fifth bomb on himself. He, Fixer and Mentallo ride a giant Deathlok robot to attack Hammerhead's mansion; but the robot is confronted by Hammerhead's minion Goliath while Hammerhead himself escapes. When the robot is destroyed by Goliath and the heroes, Fu Manchu detonates the last bomb, only to discover that the monsters from the Nether Realm want him back: Fu is captured; Fixer and Mentallo try to escape; and probably the book is recovered. The heroes can either return the book to the Museum, or destroy it like the Rulers of the Nether Realm wanted. Roxxon purportedly stops Seaver's project, understanding it is too dangerous. There are a number of loose ends, including the oil spill, which has enraged a number of Atlantean barbarians.


  • The previous installment of the trilogy suggested Cloak and Dagger as player characters; and the first one, the Black Widow. In both the previous installments, Iron Fist and Power Man were suggested. Here those characters are not suggested (but may be available if requested), having been replaced by Hawkeye, Mockingbird and Shang-Chi, the latter having in-plot sense as he was a non-player character in the previous game. This reduces the strength of the team: There is a situation on Chapter 9 that can be solved with an Amazing Strength roll, and the only characters who could get that are Power Man and Spider-Man.
  • The "Golden Empire" is described on page 7 as the day that Fu Manchu resurrects, which has already happened. On page 57, Golden Empire is Fu Manchu's plan to turn the Earth into a hellish dimension.
  • On page 7, the Fixer and Mentallo are confident that their anonymity is safe, because not even the Faces of Fear members know who's their Boss. However, in the previous installment, the Fixer and Mentallo revealed themselves to the heroes during Fu Manchu's resurrection - and indeed, in Chapter 3 of this book, the heroes can recognize the Fixer and Mentallo as the Bosses of Faces of Fear.
  • On page 15, the narrator says that the Fixer stole a book and gave it to Fu Manchu. In the previous installment, we discover he gave it to the Si Fan, so that they could use it to resurrect Fu.
  • On pages 19 and 30, Hiram Jones is explicitly unaware of the identify of the Celestial One; Jones only knows that the Celestial One is blackmailing him. However, on page 37 -which happens just after page 30-, when Jones smuggles the characters in boxes, he talks about Fu Manchu's men.
  • NYCPD Lt. Angus Lamont is alternatively called Lament on pages 11, 13, 16 and 21, but Lamont on pages 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23 and 48.
  • The Guardsmen entry on page 53 has stats and known powers, but no Talents or Background. Even if a character has no Talents -such as Goliath-, this is specified as "Talents: None". This is not because they are an armor: The Mandroids include the talents of its user, Rocko.
  • Kingpin's character description on page 55 calls him Wilson Risk (The story calls him Fisk consistently; it only fails in the character description). Other typos include Alars instead of A'Lars in Starfox's description and Ronald Bushman instead of Raul Bushman in the Moon Knight description.
  • Page 59 says that a "Doc Sampson" defeated Rhino when the latter was in the Emissaries of Evil. There is no proof of Rhino ever meeting a Sampson. In Defenders #42, he was defeated by Doctor Strange, who is also a Doctor and whose name also begins with an S.

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