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  • Celestial China, cargo ship on Pier 36
  • Dragonlords vehicles:
    • Convertible sedan
    • Van with treads instead of wheels and a large screw-like device in the front ("borer machine")
    • Other smuggling shuttles
  • Maggia's vehicles:
    • A black sedan (Hammerhead's men's)
    • A black van, also Maggia's
    • A long black limousine (Hammerhead's personal vehicle)
    • Hydrofoil (boat)
  • Quinjet


The Faces of Fear have stolen a grimoire from the Museum, trying to incriminate their rival Hammerhead of Maggia. The Faces have associated with the Si Fan organization against Maggia: The Si Fan supports the Faces of Fear in exchange for the book, which they aim to use to resurrect their leader, Fu Manchu. Meanwhile, Maggia has associated with another Chinatown gang, the Dragonlords led by the White Dragon; and the Chinatown citizens have made their own band, Tiger's Claw, to protect themselves. Following the suggestion of Metropolitan Museum curator Maximilian Pride, who wants the book back, the heroes investigate rumors of a ghost-like appearance in a Chinatown restaurant. Meanwhile, the Dragonlords have stolen the box containing Fu's corpse -albeit Si Fan leader Lee Min claims that it contains mundane merchandise; and Hammerhead sends the White Dragon to murder the heroes, using innocents as a bait. Hammerhead also sends villains and robots against the Tiger's Claw, unaware of the Si Fan's plan. The Si Fan is getting the ingredients for their resurrection spell, and the Dragonlords have captured several Avengers thanks to a specific weapon. The good citizens of Chinatown are constantly harassed by violent villains, several of them being forced to obey illegal orders. The heroes find a Faces of Fear lair and they defeat their newest high-level minion, a Deathlok Simulacrum. The Si Fan treacherously steal Fu Manchu's corpse from the Dragonlords, even though the heroes have tried to help following a hint of a mysterious English-accented ally. As the White Dragon is arrested, Chinatown gives a premature celebration party - which is interrupted by Fu Manchu's ghost. After that, the mysterious ally reveals himself as Shang-Chi, estranged son of Fu Manchu, who's looking for his sister Fah Lo Suee. Fah had been captured by the Si Fan as a sacrifice to resurrect Fu Manchu. When Shang-Chi leads his allies to the Si Fan headquarters, they are likely captured and forced to attend the resurrection ceremony. Revived, Fu Manchu orders his minions to kill the heroes, but they fail. However, Fu Manchu is back and will rebuild his worldwide criminal empire in the shortest of time.


  • There was a change in the suggested player characters from the previous installment of the trilogy: The Black Widow is no longer a suggested option; and instead Cloak and Dagger are offered. Dagger is however blind at this point, which is reflected in reduced combat statistics.
  • In page 12, a Dragonlord says that "It's the Year of the Dragon." The adventure was released in 1990, which was not a Year of the Dragon - it was Year of the Horse, except for the first 26 days, which were Snake. 1988 had been the Year of the Dragon, specifically the Earth Dragon from February 17th 1988 to February 5th 1989; the following Year of the Dragon (Metal Dragon) would be February 5th, 2000 to January 23th, 2001. The Dragonlord however is probably referring to the success of his dragon-themed gang, not to the Chinese zodiac.
  • On page 33, the Vision is described as a ghostly white figure, suggesting that he has the "white exterior" introduced in West Coast Avengers v2 #45, with a cape lacking a collar, also forfeiting gloves and boots, and with a V-shaped short instead of the previous slips. In the black-and-white image on page 35, the Vision is seen fighting Iron Man, but the Vision seems to have a collar on his cape, gloves, boots and slip-like shorts, suggesting that the discarded uniform was used for reference.
  • Page 37 says that "House of Madness (...) is located in the amusement arcade near the Chinatown Museum on Oliver Street". There is no Chinatown Museum in New York in real life. There is a Museum of Chinese in America that happens to be in Chinatown, New York City, but it's on Centre Street, not on Oliver Street.
  • On page 45, the Silver Samurai teleports with a stolen human corpse, apparently using the hypnoporter machine introduced in the previous adventure, After Midnight. The description of the hypnoporter in page 9 of After Midnight specifies that it can teleport people from the machine to another location, but it cannot teleport back organic matter, except for the people it had teleported forward.
  • A number of characters and locations have typos in their names: A'Lars is called Alars; Noah Burstein is called Noah Berstein; Raul Bushman is called Ronald Bushman; and the Hydrobase is called Hydro-base.

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