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Owned and operated by the Night Nurse, The Clinic was a secret medical facility servicing superheroes.


Night Nurse's Clinic from Doctor Strange The Oath Vol 1 1 001

Araña and Iron Fist at the Night Nurse's Clinic

Hidden in Manhattan's Chinatown[5] on or near Orchard Street,[6][4] this clinic is run by the Night Nurse specifically to serve the medical needs of the superhero community.[1][7][8]

The Night Nurse's patients at this clinic have included Daredevil,[9][3] Araña,[1] Iron Fist,[1] Doctor Strange,[1] Spider-Man,[10] Elektra,[11] Captain America,[12][13][14] Luke Cage,[2] Black Tarantula,[5] Nomad,[7] Firestar,[15] and numerous others.[7][8]

The Night Nurse's Clinic was burn down by Marrakant Hellguard summoned by Dr. Nicodemus West.[6] Despite Doctor Strange's invitation to operate her clinic out of his Sanctum Santorum[16] the Night Nurse rebuilt and/or reopened her own clinic.[8][17]

Marvel's Medics (Earth-616) from Valkyrie Jane Foster Vol 1 6 001

Assembling Marvel's Medics

When Valkyrie and Doctor Strange needed assistance to diagnose and treat Death, Doctor Strange turned to Night Nurse for help. Night Night assembled a medical team of superheroes including Cardiac, Manikin, Excalibur. Using The Clinic as their base of operations, the team journeyed into the Realm of Death.[18]


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