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Linda Carter
But isn't there more, doctor? What about those repair bills -- on a Cadillac?
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Dr. William Sutton
You know -- about those?! Then -- It's all over for me, isn't it?
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Appearing in "Night of Tears... Night of Truth!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dr. William Sutton (First and only known appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Betsy Greely (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • NYPD
    • Officer (Unnamed)
    • Officer Flanigan
    • Police Commissioner Fenton Greely
  • Ted (Paramedic)
  • Dr. Reynolds
  • Rocky (Only in flashback)
  • Marshall Michaels (Only in flashback)
  • Ms. Jenkins (Georgia's mother) (Mentioned)
  • Ben Jenkins (Mentioned)
  • Mr. Palmer (Christine's father)
  • Charles (Dr. Sutton's Butler)

Races and Species:



  • Dr. Sutton's Dark Green '72 Cadillac

Synopsis for "Night of Tears... Night of Truth!"

Linda witnesses the hit-and-run of a girl that turns out to be the Police Commissioner's daughter. She takes care of the girl and has her taken to Metro General, though her father comes and insists their family doctor Bill Sutton take care of her. The charismatic Dr.Sutton takes in Christine as his personal assistant and they begin dating, though she slowly notices he's not as perfect as he seemed at first. He drinks too much, he has residents do the work for which he takes credit, and he gets Chris to help him forge prescriptions for drugs. Suspicious of Sutton, Linda and her new friend Jack investigate his home, find the drugs he'd been stealing, and spot the auto-repair bills that reveal he was the hit-and-run driver. That night, the girl dies on Sutton's operating table and he's called in for a special inquest for which he pleads to Chris to testify in his favor. Not wanting to believe the evidence against him, Christine almost goes along with him, but can't bring herself to deny what she had seen. Sutton finally confesses and is taken away, leaving Christine unsure of her place at the hospital.

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