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Night People
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Night People of Zero Street
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Brother Broomstick; Demolition Man; Brother Dickens; Brother Glove; Brother Harmony; Brother Have-Not; Brother Inquisitor; Brother Peach-Pie; Brother Post; Brother Powerful; Brother Red-Eye; Brother Reeko; Brother Waycool; Brother Wonderful; Jikjak; Sister Gladiola; Sister Sweet;
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The Night People were the residents of an asylum at Zero Street who were transported by Abner Doolittle to another dimension. From there, they began making raids to Earth, obtaining various objects for Doolittle and kidnapping the Falcon's girlfriend Leila Taylor in order to lure him to them.[1] They brainwashed the Falcon so he would combat the fire-breathing monsters their dimension that inhabited their dimension.[2] They returned to Earth through Doolittle's portal when their asylum was overrun by the native monsters.[3][4] They were then institutionalized in a SHIELD psychiatric ward.[5]

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