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In ancient times, the Olympian goddess of night, Nyx, and her children rebelled against the rest of the gods. Following their defeat, Zeus stripped Nyx of her power. He turned into a rock, and broke her soul into three shards: The Night That Was, The Night That Is, and The Night That May Yet Be. After casting Nyx and her children into a prison of darkness, Zeus scattered them across the universe.[1] He placed The Night That Was with the Lord Librarian at Omnipotence City,[2] The Night That Is in the sentient planet Euphoria,[3] and The Night That May Yet Be with Nightmare in his realm.[2]

When Nyx and her children escaped from their prison in the Modern Age, they attacked Olympus and Oizys probed Zeus' mind for the location of the Night Shards, only managing to get concrete leads on two out of the three.[4] She sent Hypnos after The Night That May Yet Be, while Apate and Dolos inflitrated Omnipotence City to find The Night That Was.[2] A group of Avengers who had become aware of Nyx's return split up to intercept Nyx's children.[4] Hercules; Spectrum; Vision and Scarlet Witch arrived on Omnipotence City, while the Hulk; Hawkeye and Rocket Raccoon arrived on Nightmare's Realm.

Scarlet Witch had previously been enchanted by Nyx, blinding her to everything except the Queen of Night herself, her children and the shards. When Scalret Witch discovered that the fragment was guarded by Lord Librarian, Apate and Dolos appeared to try to take it.[2] In the meantime, the Hulk's group forget an alliance with Nightmare to fend off Hypnos and his army of sleepers.[1] Despite the Avengers' efforts to fight Apate and Dolos, the heroes were subdued when Nyx herself appeared and killed Lord Librarian to take the fragment in his possession. However, the Avengers managed to cause a diversion thar resulted in Voyager teleporting the shard and Scarlet Witch to the Hyborian Age. In Nightmare's Realm, the Hulk managed to defeat Hypnos and take The Night That May Yet Be from him.[5] He then broke the fragment to absorb its power.[5]

In the Hyborian Age, Scarlet Witch joined forces with the local barbarian Conan to find The Night That Was, which had made its way to the city of Shadizar. The Crow Cult used it in a ritual to summon Ma'kannta, but the summoning was interrupted when Nyx arrived after Scarlet Witch accidentally entered in contact with the fargment, linking Nyx to it.[6] Nyx broke shattered the shard and absobred its power, which bind her to the final fragment.[7] She returned to the present to Euphoria, where the Hulk and his group were already searching for The Night That Is. After forcing the Hulk to transform back into Bruce Banner, Nyx took the power of the Night Shard he had absorbed.[8] The Avengers left in the Hyborian Age followed Nyx, but their confrontation against the Queen of Night was interrupted by the corporeal manifestation of Euphoria. Since the warring between the Avengers and Nyx threatened to disrupt her paradise, Euphoria attempted to deescalate the conflict, and she eventually allowed Nyx to strip the The Night That May Yet Be off her body.

Having absorbed the power of all three shards, Nyx was returned to godhood. Her restored sense allowed her to pinpoint the House of Ideas, the centerpiece of creation, from where she attempted to rebuild the universe but ended finding her defeat at the hands of Vision.[3]

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