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  • New Harper's Ferry's citizens (Death)
  • God (Invoked)



Synopsis for 1st story

After DP turns Clarence into a zombie, he severs his head so that he can lead him back to the research lab and they can work up a cure. But by the time they arrive, Clarence's jaw liquifies so he can't help develop a cure. DP decides to imbibe mass quantities of the healing factor serum the scientists were developing so that he can go out in a blaze of zombie-killing glory as their seemingly endless waves wash over him and devour him alive. What actually happens to the zombies that take a bite out of DP is that they lose their desire for human flesh and become a single collective consciousness for DP.

Solicit Synopsis

• Deadpool’s battle with the ambulatory dead comes to a close!

• This is going to be a dark series, my friends.

• Dark.

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