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Quote1.png I can't believe it - all the girls, me, a locked room, and no bamfing. It's a dream come true! And I like an idiot am about to let them out. Quote2.png
-- Bamf

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Synopsis for "The Wizard of Oops"

Shagreen has Nightcrawler at his mercy once again. As the sorcerer taunts the imprisoned mutant (as well as Kitty, Colossus, and the Fiend-With-No-Name), Bamf sneaks off into another part of the castle. After fighting his way past an inept guard he runs across Lockheed (the small one). Lockheed and the Bamf manage to procure a set of keys from the guard and they release a room full of female Bamfs from imprisonment.

Bamf and the females lead the charge against Shagreen's forces and storm the dungeon room where Nightcrawler and the others are being kept. However, the sorcerer's magic is too potent and the Bamfs make little headway.

Suddenly, the wall of the castle explodes inward and lightning strikes the ground. Standing before Shagreen is a powerful goddess known as the Windrider. Windrider is a close ally of the Bamfs and she has sworn to protect them at all costs. While Windrider concentrates her elemental energies against Shagreen, Nightcrawler and the others manage to escape from their living dungeon. Nightcrawler tackles Shagreen and the two begin fighting once again.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Kitty and Illyana grow more frustrated as they labor to find a way to bring Nightcrawler back. Illyana tries once again, but accidentally brings the Dark Bamf into the Danger Room. They quickly send him back and make some more adjustments. Kitty finally succeeds in opening a window into the Fairy Tale dimension and witnesses Kurt's fight against Shagreen. However, she falls through the dimensional aperture and lands in the middle of the fight.

Nightcrawler grabs Shagreen's second mystical power-staff and smashes its jeweled hilt releasing a brilliant expulsion of magical energy. The energy creates a dimensional vortex which returns Kitty and Lockheed back to Earth, and shunts Nightcrawler back through the Well at the Center of Time. As the heroes of Fairy Tale land say goodbye to their allies, they take Shagreen into custody.

Nightcrawler continues bouncing around through strange, alien worlds, but ultimately he finds himself finally returning home at Xavier’s mansion.


  • This is the final issue of the series.
  • Nightcrawler breaks Shagreen's second magic staff in this issue. He broke the first one in Nightcrawler #2.
  • Nightcrawler briefly visits the dimensional plane of Sehv, Hermione and the Oracle. These characters first appeared in Bizarre Adventures #27. Final appearance for all characters.


  • At one point, the Bamf tells a porcine castle guard "Yer sister snorts Elderberries!" This is a paraphrased version of a line from the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The original line, "Your father smelled of Elderberries!" was spoken by John Cleese portraying the part of a French soldier taunting Graham Chapman's, King Arthur. This is not the first time a Monty Python skit was implemented in the Kitty’s Fairy Tale environment. The cover to Uncanny X-Men #153 shows Kitty saying, "And now for something completely different!" – which was an often-used lead-in line on the BBC comedy sketch series, Monty Python's Flying Circus.

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