Quote1.png My name is Kurt Wagner. Better known as Nightcrawler. I fought the good fight, on this world and many others. I help saved the universe. And then I died. But that isn't the end of the story. Fate, it seemed, had other plans... ...and brought me back to life. Quote2.png
-- Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)

Appearing in 1st story

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Supporting Characters:


  • Trimega

Other Characters:




  • Wheelchair (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis


  • Newly-returned from the afterlife, veteran X-Man Kurt Wagner finds himself in a world that’s a far cry from the one he left: Professor Xavier is dead, Cyclops is on the run, and the X-Men are divided.
  • But determined not to let his new lease on life go to waste, Nightcrawler hits the road alongside Wolverine, eager to right some wrongs and safeguard the future mutantkind…and he’s going to do it by the means he loves most: swashbuckling, lady-charming and—of course—BAMFing!


Originally, this series was going to be a new volume of X-Men: Legacy.[1]

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