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Nighthawk Vol 2 1 Hip-Hop Variant Textless.jpgHip-Hop Variant Textless

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Nighthawk Vol 2 1 Young Variant Textless.jpgYoung Variant Textless
July, 2016May 25, 2016
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Quote1.png There is a lot to be angry about... but son, this rage you feel -- it will eat you up if you let it. It will turn you into something you are not supposed to be... and something you can't control. It will make you destructive, and all that violence will take over who you really are... and, baby, you're much more than that. Quote2.png
-- Rosalie Richmond

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Straight from the pages of SQUADRON SUPREME comes one of the most brutal super heroes of the Marvel Universe. Nighthawk is Chicago’s dark protector, dispensing swift, decisive justice to those that truly deserve it. When the city’s shadiest power brokers turn up murdered in gristly ways, the apparent work of an inventive serial killer, Nighthawk must ask himself, Does this predator deserve to be caught? Who is the killer? What is he after? What does he want from Nighthawk? To answer these questions, Nighthawk must first look in the mirror.

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