Nightmare appeared as a demon who entered Doctor Strange's mind and plagued it with nightmares. When Spider-Man entered Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Nightmare moved to Spider-Man's mind. Doctor Strange eventually entered Spider-Man's mind via a spell and vanquished Nightmare. Nightmare's main appearance was as a half-rotted, gray corpse.

Nightmare later escaped the Sanctorum after the Ultimatum wave broke the building's seal. Nightmare then possessed Dr. Strange's body before confronting Spider-Man and the Hulk. Nightmare attacked them both, plaguing the Hulk with nightmares of hundreds of dead bodies as a reminder of the people that the Hulk killed, and Peter of the various villains he fought in the past as well as a decayed Ben Parker. However, upon solidifying into a young looking purple being, the Hulk attacked him in response to the nightmares, causing Nightmare to jump into Dr. Strange's Orb of Acmantata. The Hulk attacked the orb resulting in a large explosion, presumably destroying Nightmare.


Nightmare can shape shift into different forms based on the victim's memories and cause dreams to become nightmares

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