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Quote1.png Mortal fools! I am the Master of the Subconscious, the Midnight Leviathan -- proof positive that the most precious of dreams too often fall prey to...Nightmare! Quote2.png



Like each of the Fear Lords, Nightmare was a mystery, and his origin (or even his very existence) was known to few.[37][38]

He was both a conceptual entity, part of all existence like Eternity, and a deity.[39]

Nightmare was born in the Everinnye dimension,[34] just like the Dweller-in-Darkness. The Dweller turned his back on his fellow denizens by following the Way of the Shamblu, disembodying his head and existing in physical form.[34] He considered Nightmare to be his cousin, but Nightmare rejected that designation, being aware of the Dweller's full origins,[40] stating that he had no cousin and especially not the Dweller, for he had chosen the way of the Shamblu.Nightmare, according to the Dweller, degraded himself by adopting his shape and by living in exile among the Lower Universes.[41]

The Dweller's creation D'Spayre was also considered his "cousin".[38]

Early years

Nightmare controlled one of the Splinter Realms,[42] known as the Nightmare Realm, within the Dream Dimension.[34] He was considered to be one of the most powerful beings in the Splinter Realms.[43]

His legions included Doggerel, Succubus, the Hanon Tramps (who smothered sleeping people),[44] and the Silurian Guard (who included Gleeg, a captain) who watched over the gates of Nightmare's fortress.[43]

Gnit was Nightmare's own personal nightmare.[44] His natural enemies includes the denizens of the adjacent Realm of Madness, and Gulgol, a monster who never sleeps.

Nightmare allied with Shuma Gorath to further his own ends.[39]

Lords of the Splinter Realms

The Lords of the Splinter Realms gathered only twice in the 47,000 years before the Modern Age.[14] It is unknown if Nightmare attended either of those two gatherings, or if he was even ever part of that parliament.

Fathering Dreamqueen

Approximately 800 years ago, Nightmare raped the demoness Zilla Char, producing a daughter, Dreamqueen.

Across the Ages

Later, 350 years ago, Nightmare meddled with the Dreamqueen's schemes involving Native Americans.[45] On June 18, 1792, at the Conciergerie, Nightmare gave Marie Antoinette a nightmare while imprisoned awaiting trial. She relieved the siege on Versaille over and over. Nightmare would regulary visit the nightmare for entertainment.[46] In the 19th century, he gave President Abraham Lincoln nightmares for seven months, taking him to the graves of the men he sent to their death during the American Civil War.[46]

Modern Age

When a young Peter Parker was fishing with his Uncle Ben, they were attacked by monsters. This was revealed to have been a nightmare. Later, as Peter had just begun to fall asleep again Nightmare appeared and decided to feast on the young boy's dreams, until Stan Lee knocked him out with a tenn racket to the head.[47]

Nightmare plagued the Hulk with hallucinations and nightmares for years.[16]

Fathering Hybrids

In Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Karl, a faithful worshiper of Nightmare and member of a cult slept with Naomi, an unbelieving member of the cult, profiting from the stars' alignment causing the dimensional barriers to weaken to serve as a vessel for Nightmare, allowing Nightmare to impregnate Naomi. Two weeks later, pregnant Naomi flew the cult with Jerry Ward. Karl and Nightmare witnessed the scene, but despite Karl's proposal to stop them, Nightmare left then be, as his son being raised among normal people would serve his purposes and interests. She birthed Terrance Ward, who would grew to be able to shapeshift into a person's worst fear.[48]

Nightmare claimed that his daughter Daydream was conceived by forcibly entering the mind of the Hulk's late wife, Betty Ross, raping her in her sleep.[16] Other accounts states he seduced a human woman in her sleep,[44] or sired Daydream with the woman in deep sleep.[34]

First encounters with Doctor Strange

One of his first conflicts in the modern age was with Doctor Strange. They battled when Nightmare haunted the dreams of a corrupt businessman. When Dr. Strange entered his dreams, Nightmare attempted to trap him there, leaving his physical body undefended while the man, afraid that the secret of his crimes had been found out, would try to kill Strange. Strange managed to escape Nightmare's dimension with the help of the Ancient One.[49]

Seeking to conquer our dimension, he began trapping people in their dreams in hope of gaining information on how to defeat Dr. Strange and his master, the Ancient One. His plan was foiled by Strange, who freed the captives and escaped Nightmare's dimension.[50]

Further Schemes

He captured Eternity leading to the destruction of Earth, which was remade by Eternity.[51]

Following the joint funeral of Biotron, Queen Esmera, and Prince Shaitan, the Microns traveled into the brain of Arcturus Rann to battle Nightmare.[52]

Doctor Doom kidnapped Dazzler and sent her on a mission to recover one of the Merlin stones. It was in the dream realm where she encountered Nightmare. He refused to hand over the Merlin stone and Dazzler was once again pressed into action. After she turned on her dazzling array of power, Nightmare suddenly decided that the Merlin stone was a gaudy bauble and not worth all this effort to keep in his possession.[53]

When Strange was searching the many mystical realms trying to find Clea and Morgana Blessing, he confronted Nightmare. It was revealed that Morgana's trip into the past caused this chain of events and that if her soul were to regress back to her earliest incarnation it would destroy all of humanity and -- as a result Nightmare himself. Not wishing to meet his end so that he may continue to rule the Nightmare World

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[57]
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Nightmare is a Class Three Demon[34][54] who is able to capture a sleeping person's astral form and bring it to his realm. There they are tormented in various ways as he chooses,[citation needed] he can also possess people to work through them.[15]

Nightmare can summon a number of lower beings in his realm such as Succubi to do his bidding.[citation needed]

Nightmare can summon his mount, Dreamstalker when needed.[citation needed]

Under normal conditions, Nightmare cannot affect an individual who is awake. However, his images and other creations can continue to haunt a person in their waking hours.[citation needed]

Nightmare has been shown capable of simultaneously subduing two Earth demigods, an Eternal, an Elder God, and a genius-level human teenager with ease through magic while assessing their worst fears from the darkest crevices of their minds, though is actually capable of sustaining reasonable physical harm with one strike from Hercules. His existence and vast knowledge is known to the Council of Godheads.[55]

As long as there are beings that dream, Nightmare will exist. While he has been defeated, he can never truly be destroyed.[citation needed]


Nightmare is much weaker when outside of his realm, and can be overcome while in it by a being who has completely conquered their fear.[citation needed]



Mystic Prod: Nightmare's wand is capable of generating a maze which is nearly impossible to escape.[citation needed]





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