Nightmare World was a realm within the Dream Dimension, ruled by Nightmare.[3] It was set in the Archipelago of Anguish and Redemption (or Archipeligo of Anguish), but considered apart from the Splinter Realms (also part of the Archipelago),[9][10] though the Dream Dimension was one of the Splinter Realms.[11]

It was described as the borderlands of madness and myths, and bordered both Alchera, home of the Aboriginal gods,[8] and the Astral Plane.[12] It is also stated that the Realm of Madness (whose denizens are natural enemies of Nightmare,[3] though some of them served Nightmare as well), bordered[5] and was beyond it.[13] Nightmare's realm was also bordered by the kingdoms of Anesthesia and Coma. When Stephen G. Diesner wrote about Nightmare, the demon became a fictional character, and he and his minions could access the Land of Fiction, now bordering his realm.[6] The Land of Fiction became for a time part of Nightmare's kingdom.[7]

It is unknown if the Nightmare and Mindscape realms overlap.[5]


History of location is unknown.

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Previously included the conquered Land of Fiction.[7]


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