Nightside is a member of the Imperial Guard, replacing the original Nightside after her death.[2]


Nightside is a member of an unidentified alien race whose members possess the ability to tap into the other-dimensional realm of the Darkforce, an energy source of pure darkness. Nightside can utilize this energy for a variety of purposes, including enshrouding her opponents in a cloak of darkness, displace projectile attacks against her person by opening small apertures into the Darkforce Dimension, and cause beings and objects to be engulfed by the Darkforce, thus plunging them into the nightmarish void that is the Darkforce Dimension.[citation needed]

Strength level

Normal female member of her race with regular exercise.[citation needed]


Anti-grav flight belt.[citation needed]


Flight using anti-grav, Shi'ar starships.[citation needed]

Green skin.

  • This incarnation of Nightside has been portrayed with both green and white skin.[citation needed]

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