Quote1 I don't need to be holding the page to take its offer! For that, all I've got to do is say -- YES! Quote2
-- Blade

Appearing in "Blood in the Water"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Max (Thief)
  • Jack (Thief)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Blood in the Water"

Blade is on the hunt for a Darkhold Page that will wipe out the occult. Frank, Hannibal, and John Blaze are all hot on his trail trying to stop him, but they're too late. Blade gets the page and reads it, and accepting it's offer, he's transformed into Switchblade. Now capable of not only killing occult-powered individuals, he absorbs their abilities and powers as well. His first victims are Hannibal King and John Blaze, and absorbing King's vampiric abilities, and Blaze's hellfire abilities, he rides off to find and wipe out all supernatural things on Earth.


  • Mesnik is editor, Chase is group editor.
  • The outer all black cover (on all Midnight Massacre covers) covers the art meant as this issue's cover.

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