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Quote1.png The wall is broken, these Midnight Sons already beaten! The future is written in blood! And my children--my Lilin--will inherit the Earth! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Storm Before the Storm"

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Synopsis for "The Storm Before the Storm"

Blaze and Ghost Rider have called the Nine together to inform them that Lilith has died. The Nightstalkers argue with them and do not believe them. They point out that they do not have Lilith's body as proof, so Blaze and Ghost Rider don't know for sure that she's dead. The Nightstalkers leave and head to Cypress Hills Cemetery to confirm for themselves.

On the way, their vehicle is surrounded by a hot mist. They see other people standing inside it. One of them shambles towards the Nightstalkers, then crumbles like sand in Hannibal King's arms. King flies up to get a better view of the area. While he is gone, a Lilin named Bad Timing attacks Blade and Frank Drake. Hannibal returns to help them, then Ghost Rider arrives to drive off the Lilin. Hannibal and Ghost Rider pursue him into the mist, telling Blade and Drake to go back to The Nine.

Later, King and Ghost Rider inform everyone that the mist is killing more people. They decide to split into two groups. Ghost Rider, Blaze, King, Victoria Montesi, and Sam Buchanan will continue on to the cemetery to check for Lilith. Meanwhile, Blade, Drake, Morbius, Louise Hastings, Modred, and Jinx will investigate the mist.

Morbius leads his group into the cloud, but flies too far ahead and abandons them. Nearby, Lilith emerges from the mist, revealing she is still alive.

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