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Synopsis for "Life on the Edge"

Salvo attempts to spring a character named Deep from Riker's Island prison because he thinks it will build rep for his merc band. Nightwatch and Spider-Man stop him.

At night, in Ryker's Island, Salvo and Warforce were holding the warden and some reporters, including Spider-Man hostage. The warden pleaded with Salvo to release the civilians, which he refused, claiming that the reporters were the only way that they could escape the island without any intervention from law enforcement. Salvo informed that he and Warforce would not leva the prison until they freed a hitman imprisoned at Ryker's Island known as "Deep." Suddenly, Peter sensed Nightwatch nearby, who attacked Cutter and Tranq, two of the hostage takers before turning drawing the attention of Salvo. Suddenly, the guards opened fire and threw tear gas at Salvo and Warforce, causing them to open fire on the hostages. Nightwatch quickly defeated all of the hostage takers, save for Salvo, who shot him with a plasma-burst from his power gauntlets, damaging his suit. When the smoke cleared up, Salvo noticed that all of the hostages were missing. Suddenly, Spider-Man appeared and fought the hostage takers alongside Nightwatch, while Salvo escaped with his fellow Warforce member Shell. The two vigilantes defeated the Impakov Twins as the guards took aim at Warforce's helicopter, shooting Shell, who Salvo used as a shield, out of the aircraft. The prison guards surrounded the Warforce members who were left behind at the prison, wondering where their reinforcements were. Suddenly, two helicopters arrived informing them that they were occupied after some "weird explosions" at the Statue of Liberty. Next, the helicopters set out for the Triborough Bridge in pursuit of the stolen press helicopter. Spider-Man shot a web string at one of the helicopters to use it as transportation off of the island.

Nightwatch followed Salvo's helicopter and grabbed onto it, attempting to confront him. However, Salvo abandoned the helicopter and jumped flying out with his booster-boots. Suddenly, Nightwatch had a flashback about Ashley Croix. Sometime after Ashley graduated from Empire State University, she said goodbye to Kevin and boarded a plane. Moments later, a green ball of energy attacked him and a figure resembling his Nightwatch costume appeared and left him his cloak and goggles before dying and leaving behind a newspaper article that confused him. Kevin put on the Nightwatch mask as some police arrived, who were responding to A.I.M. hijacking Ashley's flight. Next, Kevin put on the cape and soared up into the plane's storage hold, where he lost control of his cape, which went berserk and attacked the hijackers, who accidentally shot the fuselage, triggering an explosion, which killed everybody onboard, save for Nightwatch, who flew out. When Nightwatch returned to Manhattan, he began to suspect that Ashley may still be alive.

After Salvo fled the battle, Nightwatch attempted to gain control of the helicopter and prevent it from crashing into the ground. Nightwatch crashed the helicopter into the water, leading Salvo to believe that he had won. However, Nightwatch came from behind Salvo and attacked him, only to be countered with a high-intensity laser. Next, Salvo attempted to fire two rockets at Nightwatch, who dodged, resulting in the rockets hitting a water tower instead, damaging his suit. After Nightwatch defeated Salvo, he called him a "low-life foot soldier with delusions of grandeur", to which the latter responded by telling the former that he was a former Hydra agent named Barrett Gage, who woke up on an operating table next to a doctor named Damon Morelle, who provided him with his technology. Before he left, Nightwatch salvaged Salvo's technology and put it on, where it reacted to his costume. Spider-Man appeared and informed him that the police were en route and that he would apprehend him the "first time he stepped out of line." Next, Nightwatch decided to focus on finding Ashley.

Meanwhile, at Ryker's Island, the man known as "Deep" learned about his plans being thwarted and vowed revenge on Nightwatch.

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