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Early Life

Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia).[2] He became an inventor, best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.

"Tunguska Event"

Tesla was experimenting with ionizing the Earth's atmosphere, and realized that his "scalar technology" could produce giant bolts of lightning around the globe. It was explained that Tesla was responsible for the Tunguska Event in 1908, as a test run for his new weapon.[3] Other explanations have been provided.

Night Machine

Tesla is the adoptive father of Leonid, a recruit of the ancient S.H.I.E.L.D. order. He has worked in opposition to S.H.I.E.L.D. in the past. He died once, but was able to return, saying "I've been beyond the veil - crossed the abyss- and back again." In 1956 he infiltrated the Immortal City underneath Rome, with the intention of tearing the city to the ground. He guided Leonid to the Iter, the door that can't be opened, which had stood locked for centuries. In his travels, Tesla had somehow obtained the key and used it to open the door, ushering Leonid inside and up the stairs. Tesla turned back to do battle against the city's guards, turning them to ash with red electric blasts from his suit. He was then found by Agent Richards and Agent Stark and a fight ensued between them.[4]



Tesla has a quantum power source inside himself. He uses a suit to harness its energies and give himself superhuman powers. His eyes glow the same red as his electricity blasts.[5]



Tesla uses a power suit giving him superhuman speed and electricity manipulation. Other powers have not been depicted. He is accompanied by a talking dove.


  • Though he was born a citizen of the Austrian Empire in what is modern-day Croatia, Nikola Tesla was Serbian.
  • Kelvin Heng is a distant relative of Tesla on his mother's side.[6]

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