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Nikolai Apolonio was a scientist working at Lotusland Studios when he discovered a use for the Knights of the Banners' gamma technology. Since gamma mutations were often governed by the subject's psychological state, Dr. Apolonio found how to use gamma radiation to exacerbate existing personality types. By increasing his own natural curiosity and craving for knowledge, however, the renamed Doctor Apollo began releasing more and more gamma radiation throughout Lotusland, affecting the staff and executives uncontrollably. Eventually, John Eisenhart managed to manipulate Apollo through his personality type, making him question what the side effects and long-term ramifications would be of turning off the gamma radiation and letting everyone revert to normal.

Later on, Dr. Apolonio and the Hulk investigated President Doom's Environmental Maintenance Platforms, but were nearly killed when Draco caused the platform they were standing on to launch into high orbit.

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