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Angry at the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in World War 1, Nikolai Mordo decided to use magic to remake Transylvania into the powerful nation it used to be in the days of old. He learned the mystic arts from his mistress Miarka, Queen of the Gypsies.

Miarka bore him a daughter, Lilia Morgu.

Nikolai married Sara Krowler, daughter of Heinrich Krowler, himself a powerful magician. Heinrich had arranged the marriage because he needed a grandson. Nikolai had a son, Karl Amadeus Mordo, with Sara.

When Nikolai was about to realize his dream, Sara, acting as a conduit for her father's magic power, slew him.

Later, Nikolai's daughter Lilia had a daughter of her own, also called Lilia. In a plot to steal the Darkhold, Karl Mordo would seduce the second Lilia (his half-niece), who would give birth to a daughter, Astrid.[citation needed]



Learned magic from his Gypsy mistress.

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