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Sickle, along with Hammer, serves as a Byki (bodyguard) and personal operative for the Russian Mafia lord Ivan Pushkin. Pushkin dispatched Sickle and Hammer to eliminate Major Barrington and Pierre Cloche. Pushkin used a brainwashed operative, Maverick, to distract the security forces. Sickle snuck in and attacked Cloche, but Maverick and Vindicator stopped him.

After killing Barrington, both Hammer and Sickle were captured and imprisoned in the Ice Box, Department H's prison. They were later released by the Confessor and returned to the service of Ivan the Terrible.

Powers and Abilities


Sickle is a highly skilled combatant, with a highly vicious nature. He also has experience in covert, intelligence, military operations and is trained in the use of various weapons.



Large sickle that is charged with an unknown form of energy.

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