Nikolai Zakharov was a corrupt Russian Army general who participated in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s and was responsible for numerous massacres; he burned down entire villages, murdered thousands of Afghan civilians and sometimes even killed his own men. The higher ups recognized him as a necessary evil in winning the war in Afghanistan, and so his crimes were covered up; his actions mostly became horror stories that terrified both the Mujahideen and the Russian military. Perhaps his most notable atrocity was when he once he threw a baby off a hill; from that moment forward, he was nicknamed the "Man of Stone" because he displayed no feelings whatsoever during the act. Witnessing this, the Mujahideen opened fire on him and his men. As bullets hit the ground next to him, he just stood there.

When the Punisher was assigned a mission in Russia to obtain a deadly virus from the Russians, Zakharov oversaw the operation in trying to prevent the theft. When corrupt CIA officer William Rawlins orchestrated to crash a plane on Moscow, Zakharov thought it was the Arabs but when he discovered they were Americans it could have started another Cold War but everything remained secret. Two years later Rawlins told him it was the Punisher the responsible for the events in Russia, which Zakharov temporarily allied with Rawlins and they went in Afghanistan to use Kathryn O'Brien as bait to attract the Punisher but she was captured in a crossfire by the British S.A.S.




Military training, highly skilled tactician.

Strength level

Zakharov possessed the strength of a man of his age, height, and considerable weight who engaged in no regular exercise.


Russian military vehicles


Heavy military firepower.

His body is similar to the Kingpin

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