Nikolas was a Russian mutant boy who was taken from his mother, Ariana, to the camp known as Province 13, where many other mutant children were contained, shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union. Once the government changed, however, the camp was forgotten about, but never officially decommissioned. As such, a detachment of Russian Army soldiers remained there, and in time its commanding officer, General Sergei, came to resent both his position and his charges.[citation needed]

Nikolas was by far the most powerful and most dangerous of the children in the camp, with the power of an uncontrollable death touch. He was kept under lock and key at all times, with armed guards on duty. Even though his mind had long since deteriorated to an animalistic state, he still yearned to visit his family, and one day tricked the guards into opening his cell, killed them, and then escaped. He made his way to a chapel where his family used to worship, where, coincidentally, Colossus of the X-Men had also stopped to pray. A fight broke out between Nikolar, the Army, and the X-Men, during which Nikolas seriously injured Wolverine. Though the army did not succeed in retrieving Nikolas, they captured Wolverine and Ariana, whom they intended to use as bait.[citation needed]

Colossus fought Nikolas and Omega Red, who had been assigned by the Russian government to bring Nikolas in. The battle spread to Province 13 with the Army joining in, and in the chaos a now-insane Sergei shot himself. The battle was ultimately ended by Ariana, who stabbed her son to death with a shard of broken glass rather than see him continue to suffer or cause suffering to others.[citation needed]


Nikolas had a powerful, uncontrollable ability to leech energy from any living thing he made skin contact with. This process quickly killed the victim. His body was also grotesquely mutated.

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