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Niles Cable is a cybernetically enhanced metamutant from an apocalyptic future. He travels back in time to gather a group of metamutants, which are dubbed the X-Patrol, to prevent his bleak future from happening.

Niles Cable was deceived by Terra-X's betrayal, and when the crisis had past, decided to recruit Jericho into the ranks. He held feelings for Elasti-Girl, who he was dating, and led the X-Patrol into their first battle, the siege on Latkovia against Doctor Doomsday. However, at the end of the mission, he was left paraplegic. In a flashback, Niles Cable stated that he had previously fought Brother Brood.[1]

When in Zenosha with Shatterstarfire, he helped her to escape rather than be captured by Brother Brood, when he was saved by Raveniya. Along with the X-Patrol, they were able to bring down Brother Brood, but Niles was infected with a nano-virus that nearly killed him, but he was resurrected by Raveniya.[2]


All the powers of Cable


All the abilities of both Cable and Niles Caulder

Strength level

Normal human male


None known



  • Niles Cable was the results of The Chief and Cable combined in a Marvel versus DC crossover.

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