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Niles van Roekel


Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

Roekel was first seen at a meeting with other higher-up businessmen and scientific minds.

  • Beta Test: "The time has come, To destroy everything in our path, victory is the only answer. Perhaps I should introduce myself to those who do not know me yet. My name is Dr. Niles Van Roekel, and as you will see today your contributions have not been in vain. After many attempts I am ready to reveal my final prototype. We still haven't finished all of the neural reprogramming and there are a few kinks to iron out; Aside from that it is a pure work of art. Behold..."

Roekel reveals Paragon, who proceeds to complete an obstacle course in order to impress his peers/financiers.

Once Paragon awakened from stasis, she broke out of the pod and attacked everyone in the facility including Van Roekel. He then ordered his minions to stop her from escaping the underground facility.

When she returned later that evening, he revealed to her that her daughter did not survive all those years ago. Enraged, she attacked Van Roekel and the two of them battled. Roekel lost and he revealed the actual truth to why he had captured her centuries ago. A race of slavers had taken many of his people prisoners and he had to drop his compassion for others in order to win the war on his home world. He escaped the planet with many other resistance members and he had chosen Earth in order to create an army to help him free his planet from slavery. He then disappears along with his battle suit.


Power Grid[2]
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Heavily-armored battle suit similar to that of Iron Man, which gives Roekel the abilities of superhuman strength, flight and a sophisticated healing factor.


  • Super-Genius Intelligence:[1]

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