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Nils Styger is the son of Azazel and is also Nightcrawler's half-brother, and was born in Genosha.[citation needed]

Legacy Virus

At some point, the Genoshan Mutate Abyss contracted the debilitating Legacy Virus. He acted as a protector for the Genoshan research scientist Renee Majcomb, who was researching possible cures for the virus. When former Magistrates attacked Rene, he fought them off and nearly killed them until Cable's arrival. He was cured when Colossus triggered the cure for the Legacy Virus.[2]


X-Corps look

Abyss was later in Berlin, Germany battling the former Gene Nation member known as Fever Pitch. Both mutants were captured by Banshee's mutant militia known as the X-Corps. While being held by the X-Corps, Abyss witnessed Sunpyre's murder. When the terrorist Mystique revealed herself and her intentions to use the X-Corps, the wounded Banshee freed Abyss from his confinement. Abyss then sucked Mystique through his interdimensional void, and, unable to shut off his power, almost swallowed Banshee as well. The timely arrival of some other members of X-Corps stopped that however.[3]

Fighting Azazel

Abyss later resurfaced when his father Azazel psychically summoned his many children to attempt to release him from the Brimstone Dimension that he had been banished to hundreds of years before. In an attempt to lose himself and his comrades, Azazel had traversed the dimension barrier many times and sired children in the hopes that one of them would be able to breach the dimensional barrier. Abyss joined forces with the X-Men to avert Azazel's attempt to bring his army into Earth's dimension and succeeded in foiling his father's efforts. He was subsequently revealed to be Nightcrawler's half-brother.[4]


Depowered Abyss fighting Strong Guy

Abyss was one of scores of mutants who lost their powers after the events of the House of M,[5] losing both his organic tentacles and his control over the Brimstone Dimension.[6]

He joined the X-Cell, a terrorist group that blamed the government for M-Day.[7] and was given mechanical tentacles by The Isolationist, who also provided equipment to the other members of the team, that mimicked their lost powers.[8][6]

As X-Factor Investigations' members Strong Guy and Wolfsbane were heading to attack the X-Cell headquarters, he intervened, fighting with Guido before using his tentacles to send him blocks away, while Quicksilver took down Rahne.[9]

Abyss repowered

Quicksilver gave him and other members of X-Cell their powers back. Soon, X-Factor came for a final street brawl, and the group began falling apart after their leader Elijah Cross lost control of his newly restored powers and exploded.[10]

Abyss absorbed his unstable teammates Reaper and Fatale into his newly reformed brimstone dimension and jumped in as well, in order to prevent them from exploding in the street,[10] also hoping that the Brimstone Dimension would stabilize or drain their powers.[6]

The status of their powers and whereabouts were unknown to Madrox and Valerie Cooper.[10]

Frozen and returned

The experience bored out as Abyss hoped, as time froze around them while they were in the dimension, preventing them from exploding.[11]

Imprisoned and drained

A.I.M. scientist Terrance Hoffman managed to drag the mutants out using some machine, and captured them, draining them of their energies, leaving them powerless.

When Serval Industries X-Factor came to the base to free mutants (unaware of their identities) from A.I.M.,[12] Hoffman came to find Abyss and Reaper to drain their powers again and use the energies to power himself. Growing to giant-size and destroying part of the base, he accidentally freed them.[11]

Once the battle was over, Abyss stayed silent but seemingly sided with Fatale and Reaper who were first intending to slay the unconscious Hoffman and then kill Quicksilver, currently part of X-Factor, as he was directly and indirectly responsible for their successive torments.[11] Ultimately the three left without enacting their vengeance on Pietro.


Power Grid[14]
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Abyss is a mutant, later depowered on M-Day, repowered by Terrigen Mist,[10] but his powers were drained by Terrance Hoffman, and he is currently powerless.[11]



Formerly: Armor and power-mimicry equipment: After M-Day, the X-Cell was offered equipment to replace their lost powers by The Isolationist.[6]

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