Nimed was the older brother of Tarascus and the king of Nemedia. He sired three sons.

Tarascus had ambition for the throne, and consequently allied himself with the former priest of Mitra and black arts practitioner Orastes, the claimant to Aquilonia's throne Valerius, and Amalric, Baron of Tor. Together they used the Heart of Ahriman to resurrect Xaltotun of Acheron. To help Tarascus to claim the throne without a civil war, Orastes proposed to have Nimed and his sons to die "naturally". Xaltotun thus released the Black Plague upon Belverus, capital of Nemedia, ultimately killing Nimed and his sons.

Tarascus then took the throne as the Plague ceased, claiming that the gods were satisfied now that the "vile king and his spawn" were dead. He also claimed that they needed to march towards Aquilonia to remove Conan and crown Valerius.[1]

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