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Second Coming[]

James Howlett (Earth-616) amd Nimrod (Earth-10076) from X-Force Vol 3 27 0001

Wolverine battling Nimrod-Series Sentinels

Max Eisenhardt (Earth-616) and Nimrod (Earth-10076) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 237 0001

Magneto battling Nimrod-Series Sentinels

As part of Bastion and the Human Council's plan to kill the Messiah Child and destroy mutantkind, a large dome was built over the Bay Area to cut off the X-Men from escape or help. Once the dome was activated, Bastion opened a dimensional portal from a divergent of his home reality to allow in more Nimrod-Series Sentinels.[1] Like the original Nimrod, these Sentinels are able to detect, analyze and adapted to mutant powers. They are also self-repairing. The X-Men were barely able to subdue them, and several X-Men sustained severe injuries.[2] Every five minutes a wave of five new Nimrod Sentinels continued to appear through the portal.[3] Only by sending X-Force, Cable, and Cypher into the future to reprogram and destroy the Nimrod Master Molds were the X-Men successful to defeating them.[4][5][6]

Bastion was reverting into Nimrod-like appearance and when all the other Nimrods were destroyed Bastion appearance was completely returned to Nimrod form before he battled and was destroyed by Hope Summers.[7]


A fragment of one of the Nimrods found it way to an automated car factory which it used to repair and build a primitive versions of Nimrod. However, this was discovered by the X-Men and a team was sent to destroy it.[8]

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