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Quote1.png When you return home, tell your masters that today I was born into existence... and the first thing I experienced beyond the love of my creator was pain and loss at your hands. Quote2.png


Nimrod (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 5 20 001.jpg

Following the death of her husband Erasmus Mendel during the X-Men's attack on Orchis's Mother Mold,[2] Dr. Alia Gregor sought to resurrect him by placing his consciousness within a machine body. Returned to the land of the living, this Nimrod with the consciousness of Erasmus did not have long to reunite with his wife before discovering the mutant Mystique on board the Orchis Forge, who intended to destroy the entire facility with a singularity bomb. Nimrod succeeded in saving the facility by translocating the bomb away from the station, but not without sacrificing the parts of himself containing Erasmus' consciousness. Now devoid of a human persona, Nimrod sent Mystique back to Krakoa, declaring himself the "great hunter" and that he would see to mutantdom's end.[1]



Seemingly those of the Nimrod of Earth-811.

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