Nimrod was a servant of Varnae, the first vampire. Varnae chose Nimrod to provide a test for the young and newly-vampirized Dracula. Varnae allowed Nimrod to drink some of his blood, making him more powerful than a typical vampire. Nimrod then had his own vampire servants capture Dracula. Nimrod bade Dracula submit to his rule or fight him to the death. Dracula chose to fight. Nimrod had Dracula imprisoned until the following evening, at which point they would duel with wooden stakes.

Nimrod sent his servant Lala to the imprisoned Dracula so that she would seduce him. Dracula refused her, however, when he learned she was a vampire.

During the duel, Dracula was sorely outmatched by Nimrod superior strength and skill. Nimrod almost staked Dracula through the heart, but Dracula was able to turn into mist at the last instant. Lala tried to help Nimrod, but Dracula grabbed her and used her as human shield, making Nimord stake her heart by accident. Enraged, Nimrod charged Dracula, who used used Nimrod's momentum to fling him on a wooden stake. Nimrod crumbled into dust and Dracula was the new lord of the vampires.[1]


Nimrod had the typical powers of a vampire, including superhuman strength and speed and the power to turn into a mist. After drinking Varnae's blood, he had the ability to command other vampires and his strength was increased.


Nimrod was a skilled warrior.

Strength level



Typical weakness of a vampire, including sunlight, silver, and garlic.

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