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Nimrod Strange was an African mercenary and warlord whose megalomania and belief that he was invulnerable caused him to manufacture a suit with many weapons attached to it. He set up base for his terrorist organization on an island in the Indian ocean. During one operation he killed an old friend of Moon Knight who happened to be an agent for the Israeli Mossad. Moon Knight confronted Arsenal only for him then to escape on an oil barge. His plan was to hold the United States to ransom after releasing large amounts of oil in to the waters surrounding New York and then detonating the four barges they came from , causing massive damage. Before this could happen Moon Knight boarded Arsenal's boat only to be captured. He later escaped and rescued Marlene ( whom Arsenal had been holding captive). After a short battle, Moon Knight knocked out Arsenal and separated the explosives from the oil, thereby saving New York. After waking up, Nimrod detonated the boat with himself on it, hoping to complete his plan while not knowing it had already been foiled.

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Nimrod Strange possesses a suit he called 'Arsenal' which had various weapons from his assassins and even Moon Knight attached to it.


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