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Head geneticist of the Institute of Bio-Social Studies owned by Mr. Marcus Glove who uses his money and resources for the Institute to seek to eliminate mutants for the safety of the planet. Dr. Ambrose points out that mutants are not the result of real evolution which takes generations. Rather they are a result of magic, Celestial Deities or a great damn fiery bird. She believes that her job is to keep humanity free from outside meddling, instead of outside encouragement. Legion visits the Institute in hopes of curing himself of his multiple mutations.[1]

She gives online talks about the effect of "invasive exotics" on etiologies[2]

After the dissolution of I.B.I.S. she intends to go on vacation. [3]

Powers and Abilities


Genius-level geneticist


She was first heard on a video tape and seen on video before her physical appearance in X-Men: Legacy #10.

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