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Madame X was a Hungarian patriot and spy who posed as Comrade X. She initially operated in the U.S., where she was the second foe Henry Pym encountered as Ant-Man, she disguised herself as a man and tricked Ant-Man and nearly poisoned him so he couldn't foil any more communist plots but she was stopped by Ant Man's Ants.[1]

She was deported to Hungary where she joined the newly-formed Bratislava Complex. Her duties expanded to running the entire Project and acting as head of the People's Security Force, her team of Bratislava-based super agents. Madame X was rude, contemptuous, and combative toward her opponents, perceived criminals, and anyone from the West. She had a burning hatred of Henry and Maria Pym.[2]

Power Grid[3]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills4


Madame X possessed no superhuman abilities.


Madame X is a master of disguise and is skilled in the arts of espionage. She is also an excellent leader of her super agent team


Body Armor
Madame X wears a Kevlar vest.
Gas Pistol
Madame X carries a pistol that projects a stream of green toxic gas.
  • As Comrade X, she wore a latex mask, padded uniform and a vocal modification device in order to appear and sound masculine.

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