This page is about the Mesopotamian god of metal Ningal.
For the Mesopotamian goddess of medecine, please consult this page.


Ningal was a son Anu[1] and of Ki.

Annunaki civil war

During the Annunaki civil war, Ningal forged the heavenly mace, trident and axe that Marduk would use to slay Tiamat in the final days of the war.[1]

Ningal was an Assyrian god circa 2,000 B.C.[7]

Modern Age



Ningal was a smith able to create heavenly weapons.[1]

Ba'al's entry in Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica #1 presents Ningal as Ba'al's half-brother, while Ba'al's other half-siblings are listed as brothers and sisters.

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