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Nino was an experienced criminal, wanted by the Owl. While trying to run away from him, Nino Cortese dropped his keys and Daredevil narrowly saved him from being impaled. Soon, despite the Owl being stuck to his car via his claws, Cortese drove the Corvette away at full speed. The Owl climbed up the car and nearly killed Cortese, but Daredevil narrowly saved him again. Cortese’s car spiraled out of control and crashed through a window before falling a few stories and landing in a mall fountain. Daredevil barely managed to get Cortese out of the car before it exploded and Cortese was soon arrested[1].
Mobster Peter London got a hold of Nino and convinced him, by binding him in chains and hanging him from the ceiling, to act as bait for the Owl. Nino went to sell guns to the Die Hards gang, including Julie, while Daredevil watched from the side. When the Owl approached, Daredevil tossed Nino into a passing garbage truck to keep him safe[2].

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None, human.

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