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Aesgaard and Vanaheim

Niord was an Aesir war-chief.[2]

At some point, he married and had a son.[3]

At another time, he became the leader of a band of raiders, and ally of another band led by Wulfhere and including the young Conan of Cimmeria.

As Wulfhere's band was waiting for the coming of Niord and his fighting-men, both bands were attacked by the Vanir. All of Wulfhere's men were slain save for Conan. On his side, Niord fought his way out of the Vanir ambush with a few men, including Horsa and Old Gorm.

Niord's band finally found Conan after he had been chasing Atali, daughter of the Ymir, the Frost-Giant. While Gorm confirmed it, Niord stated that Gorm had had his mind touched in his youth. When Conan found Atali's veil in his hand, all warriors stared in silence the proof.[4]



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