Njord was the son of Buri and of a Frost Giantess, and brother to Bor and Mimir.[4]


When Bor succeeded Buri (after besting him in combat), Njord left to found Vanaheim, married Skadi and sired the Vanir.[4]

Eventually, Bor's son Odin warred against Vanaheim and annexed their realm to Asgard.[1]

After many year of war between the two people a peace was achieved when Frigga married Odin the All-Father, merging their people together.[5]


Defeated, Njord had no love for the Aesir.[1]

He was among the many Asgardians to test the invulnerability of Balder by throwing weapons at him.[1]

As the Lord of the Sea, Njord helped Thor and the Warriors Three by retrieving the body of Holth, a shapeshifting Giant killed by the Warriors while in whale form.[2]


As the Vanir were annexed by Odin's Aesir, Njord bears no love for them.[1]

It was hinted that as Sea God, he may lacked mercy.[3]

However, he benevolently helped the Aesir retrieve the body of Holth, ensuring the stability of the truce between Gods and Giants.[2]

Powers and Abilities


As the God and Lord of the Sea, Njord seemingly displayed abilities to control the sea, bringing Holth from the depths to the surface.[2]


Skilled warrior, notably in spear throwing.[1]



An armor and helmet.[1]


A spear.[1]

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