Nkrumah was a Wakandan soldier, leader of the Panther's Rage, and self-proclaimed "god of violence". The Panther's Rage hired themselves out to foreign agents for honor and to increase the reputation of Wakanda's fighting force. They used small amounts of the sacred herb that once empowered the Black Panther to improve their combat abilities.

Thanks to Wakanda's alliance with Latveria, Nkrumah and the Panther's Rage contributed to the American revolution and the overthrow of the MegaCorps. Nkrumah took on a cabinet position under President Doom as Minister of Enemy Relations.

When Herod retook America for the MegaCorps, Nkrumah was embarrassingly locked in a secure room during the White House bombing, missing the action. After being captured by SHIELD agents loyal to Herod, he declared diplomatic immunity and presumably was returned to Wakanda.

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